Perugia is an art city, rich in history and monuments, founded by the Etruscans, is cultural center of the region, a tourist destination and university.

The name "Perugia" is almost certainly of Etruscan origin and is made by the Romans as "Perusia". The oldest record of the name seems to be a pillar of the seventh century Etruscan. BC. found in Vetulonia, dedicated to the warrior “Irumina Phersnachs” (Phersna: Perugia and -coming from, then the Perugia). There is uncertainty about the meaning of the name, but we know that often the names of the cities were derived from a deity or a family. In the past the name Perugia was done also derive from the greek "periousa" or "who is at the top", but the Greek origin of the name of an Etruscan city seems unfounded.