Situated in the Umbrian countryside, on the border between Tuscany and Lazio, 96 km from Gubbio, Umbria Resort SPA is the perfect place to enjoy a really relaxing holiday in close contact with nature.

The city of Gubbio is linked to St. Francis history, especially at an event in his life mentioned in Chapter XXI of the Little Flowers of St. Francis, that the encounter with the wolf. This is where the real conversion took place, because having lived with the poor and the lepers of the place, has radically changed his life. Precisely for this reason, the city is crossed by several hiking trails each year by thousands of pilgrims, all in the name of the saint. One of these is called the "Way of Assisi."

Gubbio was an Umbrian town by the name of “Ikuvium” or “Iguvium” set on the lines of communication between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas. Testimonials of the Umbrian period are the Tables of Gubbio, discoveries around half of the fifteenth century and purchased by the city in 1456, consist of seven bronze tablets, partly written in Umbrian alphabet and partly in the Latin alphabet, but always in the Umbrian language.